August 2015

Product Features & Rates – Buy to Let

Businessman analyzing investment charts at his workplace

Our Mortgage options for Buy to Let Mortgages are:

  • Minimum mortgage loan €100,000
  • Repay Interest and Capital throughout the term of the loan
  • Repay Interest only in the first year (for LTVs up to 60%)

Interest-Only options revert to a standard repayment mortgage at the end of the Interest-only period. Terms of up to 25 years are available for Buy to Let mortgages.

Product Interest Rate APRC Annuity
Variable Loan to Value <60% 4.70% 5.0%
2 Year Fixed Loan to Value <60% 4.70% 5.2%
5 Year Fixed Loan to Value <60% 5.20% 5.5%


Warning: The entire amount that you have borrowed will still be outstanding at the end of the interest-only period.


This article outlines several key considerations and costs associated with purchasing a property as an investment. Read More.

  • Yes, you will need to have buildings cover in place before the mortgage can be drawn down. It’s also good practice to have Third Party Liability, Contents  and Loss of Rent Cover in place for investment properties. When engaging with an insurance company, let them know that your property is a rental property. If you don’t do this there could be a problem if you ever need to make a claim.
  • If your property is insured under an apartment block policy it may only cover liability arising from accidents in common areas i.e. the hall, stairs and landing. It may not cover accidents occurring inside the apartment but it’s worth checking this.
  • Yes, it’s worth doing some research to understand what it means to be a landlord. Things to consider include collecting rent, managing utilities like electricity, gas, water, etc., and ongoing maintenance and repairs. You should also have a look for advice and tips on the likes of property presentation and furnishing, lease/tenancy agreements, tenant references and Building Energy Ratings (BER).
  • Some good sources of information include the Irish Property Owners Associationthe Private Residential Tenancies BoardCitizens Information and Threshold – check out their websites.